About Me

I am a clumsy and directionally challenged trail runner training for her first 50k and 50 mile trail run.  I live Citrus Heights, CA, which is in close proximity to the awesome trails of Northen California. I am married to a runner and have one child who does not enjoy running.

I have never really been a runner. I didn’t run when I was in school, I participated in gymnastics. My exercise after I graduated high school consisted of aerobic classes and dancing in night clubs. I didn’t actually start running until I was 32 and engaged to be married. A friend had just run a marathon and I thought, heck, if she could do it so could I. Besides, I figured training for a marathon will not only help keep my weight down, but also decrease my stress levels. At that moment in my life, I didn’t think I would fall in love with running. I completed the marathon and kept running as a regular routine in my life. But mainly, to help keep my sanity.